Behind the Brand: Lola James Harper

Used as the travel candle of choice by the team at, on their scouting tour of the USA, these candles are actually co-created in Paris by a couple with a great love of pictures, travelling and music , sounds very familiar to the team in our office.

Lola James Harper work with a friend for more than 12 years and one of the last Maître Cirier in France, in their space in Paris to create all their fragrances based on their most favoured memories.

The husband and wife team, having met 15 years ago,  are in fact part of a 4th generation family of Maître Cirier share a great love of music and are often found rehearsing or recording their own music which is a great part of the Lola James Harper brand which covers T-shirts , Music as well as their much coveted Candles

Some of theirmost lauded gigs have included launches for the brand at Collette , Le Bon Marche and Mama Shelter. They record with some amazing artists such as Billy Hell , Blitz Motorcycles & Call box.

Their music is evocative of their brand aesthetic as their candle scents and really hold the key to the reason the team at wanted the collection as part of their Apothecary assortment.

Pool Lola James Harper @ Seventy74.jpg

This range gives an amazing sense of the heady days spent in Palm Springs whilst the owners of the site were travelling through this area of the states hunting for new and inspiring brands to bring to the site. Though the candles have their distinctive French nonchalance, they seamlessly mix this with the super confidence of American West Coast.

We are in love with these candles and we are sure you will too… Lola James Harper music, memories & love is there a better a combination?