Behind the Brand: Species by the Thousands

Species by the Thousands, mystical lifestyle brand have an amazing store based on South 4th Street in Williamsburg Brooklyn, which feels decidedly woodsy and coven like , but owners Erica Bradbury and   Michele Colomer make the store a really approachable space.

Started in 2005 the line takes much of its inspiration from outsider worlds, the mysterious unknown, and folk magic, with Erica a hand-crafts jeweller and Michele an artist who designs all of the artwork that goes onto the brands scarf collection, the pair have had their store on South 4th for nearly 3 years now although they have been Brooklynites for some 12 years.

The store/studio works well for the team and gives them the opportunity to continually be inspired by the customers visiting the store.

The pair share a great passion for all things quirky from the 70’s. “We have a lot of nostalgia for that period: animals and nature, the occult and outsidery folk stuff and are big fans of   

“Laurie Cabot. She was an actress and socialite, but then realized she had psychic powers and became the official witch of Salem in the 1980’s and had this cool store but then moved to California”

Favourite places that they like to eat and kick back in the hood’ include “Best Pizza , We love Pies-N-Thighs which is literally on our doorstep and we often have many of our customer join the queue for them straight after a shop in our store. Then there is Miller’s Tavern which has a $1 oyster special before 8pm, and a great tequila cinnamon cocktail called the Daisy Through Concrete”

Species by the Thousands @ Seventy74