Behind the Brand: Wary Meyers


Although we first discovered Wary Meyers at home in the UK, it was during part of our recent USA tour as we sat by the beach enjoying the San Francisco sun that we decided we had to have Wary Meyers candles in our assortment.


Started by Linda & John Meyers, the husband-and-wife team living now in Maine, the line embodies all that we love about 60’s, 70’s & 80’s design… witty bold and with a tangible scents of being surrounded by sand, the sea and sun. The couple who are ex New Yorkers now based in Maine were formerly a freelance art director and a freelance artist, but when they moved to Maine they asked themselves “How do we make a living in Maine and still support ourselves? And, eventually, support our son.”

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Initially they started with interior design but although the fun was there the demands on their work life balance was much greater especially as many of their clientele remained in New York.

This is when after a number of more costly projects and business ideas they happened on the idea for their candle and soap line. “We decided to do something a little more accessible, something people would want more than anything we’d done before,” says Linda. “But also something where we could still put our personal stamp on it.”

Linda is inspired by “pretty much everything. We are inspired by vintage Italian design, by furniture design, by great typography, by colour, by books, by fabric… I think there is too much we are inspired by, to be honest. That’s probably why we get sidetracked sometimes. There’s so much we like and that we try to put into our designs. There’s a saying in design, “Limitations are what make great design.” And I truly believe that”

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“We love packaging design, we love that a candle is also a functional object. And I love scents. I love testing them, seeing how they are in the wax, perfecting them.”

We share the love for Wary Meyers in our Apothecary section, enjoy…


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