Sandoval Made in California... Now Available in Europe

Seventy74 is constantly on the look out for brands we feel embody the essence of what our team is all about and when we find something we think fits the bill we are always pleased to share this on our site and soon in store too!

With this in mind we have super exciting European exclusive launch from our most recent trip to the USA…

Sandoval is a line of aromatic fragrance sprays, inspired by the essence of global travel and the modern California lifestyle.  The brands intention is to create beautiful interior fragrances that  smell great, and elevate your senses.  

Their products are made with natural, therapeutic grade essential oils, blended one drop at a time.  Each bottle contains a natural crystal,  charged in the light of the full moon, helping to enhance your intentions.  


The foundation of Sandoval’s endeavours, begins and ends by helping you create inspiring, customised spaces.  Using their aromatics allows you to refresh your space, refresh linens, and refresh yourself.  Elevate your space, Elevate yourself with Sandoval .

Hand Made in Los Angeles, California and available exclusively in Europe via

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