Luke Edward Hall

Interior designer Luke Edward Hall has a unique sense of style , something we greatly admire at and as one of the two chosen design talents for the launch of our series of collaborations with artists, designers and fashion brands, THE COLLEXTION , we honoured to be working with such a great new talent.

L.E.H @ Seventy74

Luke Edward is an artist and one-time antique dealer. He graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2012 after studying menswear fashion design. Whilst at university Luke ran Fox and Flyte, an online antiques shop along with two friends and during this time opened pop-up shops in London and New York City. 
Luke went on to launch his eponymous range of homewares in the spring of 2014. The range comprises of fabrics and ceramics inspired by and featuring Luke’s charcoal and pen illustrations. 
Luke produces original drawings and paintings, as well as prints, and works on commissions for private and commercial clients. He currently works in the interior decoration department of the acclaimed architectural designer Ben Pentreath in London’s Bloomsbury, and works on his own design and styling projects simultaneously.

We took a little time out to talk to Luke about his line and whats going on in his design life at the moment…

L.E.H @ Seventy74
  • Tells us about how you came about starting your own line.

I began my making cushions in the spring of 2014 – colourful linen ones with embroidered motifs. (Palm trees, coral, snakes, Greek vases…) Not long afterwards I bought an old tub chair for my home and decided to design my own fabric for it – this was how my White Tiger design came about. Drawing is my love – I realised very quickly that I wanted to take my drawings and apply them to products. The ball got rolling and I went on to design a further two fabrics and a small range of ceramics.

  • What has been the biggest challenge for your business to date?

Production, I would say! Working out how many metres of fabric to print, how many cushions to make. And where to keep everything. I have a tottering tower of about forty cushions in my flat at all times.

  • You are based in London does this have a big influence on your work?

Yes, London does inspire me – in the sense that my friends live here and I go out here – to restaurants, museums, galleries. It’s a cliché but everything really is on one's doorstep and I love the fact that I can finish work and be sat down in a theatre half an hour later.

  • Who are your design inspirations/stars alive or passed?

David Hockney! Jean Cocteau! Picasso and Matisse. Wes Anderson is an enormous inspiration – his sense of style is unmatched. The colours in his films, everything in his films, even down to the last bit of packaging – the aesthetics are just perfect.

  • How do start your design process?

I’ll have an idea – it could be about an animal or a plant that I’d like to draw, or a colour combination that I’d like to try out, perhaps. For inspiration I turn to my piles of books – design, photography and art books but novels too. I draw and draw until I get what I want and then I go about applying the drawing to a product – fabric or a plate or what have you. 

  • How would you describe your design style?

Greco-Roman meets crumbling English country house with a dash of Palm Springs.

L.E.H. @ Seventy74
L.E.H. @ Seventy74
  • What’s your one piece of advice about interior design?

Oh, just buy whatever you like and let everything work together. Don’t think too much. Don’t worry about whether your paintings and prints will work next to each other. Of course they will if you’ve chosen them. Believe in your eye and be confident! I think that this really is the key to a good interior - you've got to truly believe in your sense of style and taste. Do not be bland. Oh, and invest in a good pair of curtains.

  • What’s your most prized piece in your home?

It changes often. Right now: a small ceramic anchovy that I picked up on holiday on the Amalfi Coast. Such an elegant fish! Usually: my books and our trays and plates by Fornasetti. Our bar cabinet with its inlaid malachite panels and pink interior lighting is probably my favourite piece of furniture.

  • Where is the most inspiring place you have visited & why?

I love to travel to Italy and I always leave feeling very inspired. The combination of wonderful architecture, landscape, music and food is very magical. The Italian way of life is quite intoxicating. Of course travelling within the UK is great fun too. I love London but I need to get out regularly to see hills and rivers. I’m a country boy at heart, you know. My family are originally from the West Country and I feel quite at home down there.

Luke Edward Hall @ Seventy74
  • What’s next for you?

Apart from a folly in the countryside to retreat to with a pair of dachshunds and a brood of chickens? I’m working on designs for new fabrics, as well as an armchair, throws and more ceramics. I’ve been focusing quite heavily on my drawing recently and I’m currently working on projects for commercial and private clients. I’m also on the lookout for a new studio – somewhere quiet where I can paint the walls pink and install a big olive green corduroy sofa, ideally.