Nicola Falcone

Nicola Falcone is a calm, unassuming, charming man - a character which is absolutely juxtaposed to his amazing collections. High octane with brilliant bolts of colour and unashamedly bold contrasts of materials


This clash of opinions in the construction of his work is exactly what attracted to his label.
His style is reminiscent of design icons beloved by the team and so begins the collaboration of these two design mavericks.

The second in our COLLEXTION collaborations , we chose the Mondrian bench and stool to develop an amazing mash up of colour and materials that maintain Nicola’s original designs but have the vibe running right throughout the pieces.

Nicola @ Seventy74

Here’s how the design maestro answered our questions:

  • Tells us about how you came about starting your own line

Ever since I was a student of architecture, I always had the desire to develop design prototypes, so I always designed for myself, although sometimes I worked with other brands, both in Italy and abroad.

  • What has been the biggest challenge for your business to date?

Each new job is a challenge, though I think right now the biggest challenge I have is finding the best stores globally that suit and can best sell the brand Nicole Falcone.

  • You are based in Florence does this have a big influence on your work?

Our headquarters are in Florence, where I have worked for several years with Albert Ludwig Hartmann and certainly the city of Florence has a great influence in our work.
Especially in terms of the materials we use such as Brass, Leather, Iron, Alabaster, all of which are materials used since the Renaissance.  
Of course we use all of these materials in a modern and contemporary way and only using skilled Florentine craftsmen in Tuscany.

  • Who are your design inspirations/stars alive or passed?

Each piece of our collection is designed or inspired by  a symbol of architecture, jewels , or Italian films from the 1950s & 60s. I am also inspired by past Italian design icons such as Carlo Mollino, who worked prolifically throughout  the 1940’s and beyond and now appreciate the Architectural form of Santiago Calatrava.

  • How do start your design process?

The first part of the design process is to look at the architecture of the piece and then I immediately sketch a drawing of the pieces discussed, which often happens to be designed on a napkin in the restaurant or train!!

  • How would you describe your design style?

Our style is very eclectic - defined by colour but very refined and linear in form a strong mix of Art Deco and 60s but always in a contemporary way.
The collection is perfect to integrate into both classic and modern spaces.

  • What’s your one piece of advice about interior design?

Really… all of our collection, but seriously the one piece that all spaces should have is the Console Y, its a true classic, great for all spaces .

  • What’s your most prized piece in your home?

The most prized piece I have in my home has a great deal of emotional value to me, it is the first chair made. I designed and built it for a gallery in Milan in 1992.


  • Where is the most inspiring place you have visited & why?

The countries that fascinates me most is Japan and Tokyo. Because it is totally different from Italy. The architecture is so modern and futuristic but also with its amazing temples I am l also in awe of the traditional Japanese craftsmen that have produced amazing work on some of my limited edition chairs and tables from nothing more my drawings.

  • What’s next for you?

 My ambition is the same now as when I started my career, which has always been to design limited edition items, beautifully crafted by hand and made using the most noble of raw materials.